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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:00

Turkey in the First One'Salt Hotel'Opened Service

Turkey in the First One'Salt Hotel'Opened Service
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Salt carrying the first of its kind in Turkey, Hotel , opened Çankırı-Kastamonu highway services .

Kastamonu news: Photo by Ilgaz Dortyol Crossroads AKBA family completed the construction of the hotel AKBA (Salt Hotel ) consists of rooms , including rooms with private salt . Customers arriving at the hotel thanks to salt , salt therapy is going to expose the remaining large number of preserved downloaded to the disease. From the moment you enter inside the door of the Photo Hotel Salt you encounter salt hotel , Kastamonu, 60 kilometers , Çankırı 55 kilometers , while the Ilgaz Mountain 25 there are miles away. in the introduction of the Photo Salt Hotel Ankara, Çankırı and numerous journalists took place from Kastamonu. Information to journalists about the hotel is that Company Director Osman AKBA , Salt hotel's 33 rooms , he said consists of 49 beds and 2 salt room. The tour of the hotel on a Photo Journalist Osman AKBA , the guests expressed their what they do as a hotel can be seen even salt therapy in the bedroom, the salt therapy noted that the stress buyers and complementary therapies . Osman AKBA , \"A thousand 600 square meters founded AKBA integrated with Recreation Facilities AKBA Hotel (Salt Hotel ) , 33 rooms, 49 beds 2 salt chamber consists of a meeting room. , Which relaxes the venue ion or by resting environment in all our hotel room, both spiritually and physically fit allowing us to feel , today's cough , especially stress that common diseases , rheumatism, asthma, breathing , useful for problems salt panels and salt lampshades , such as bronchitis were placed. in that we have built as additional salt in our room we offer our guests a salt therapy facilities. half a century as the AKBA family company we are enjoying leave behind . our company , automotive, petroleum , construction, household appliances , furniture and food industries serve in various areas such as . we are grateful to the family elders of our contributors has come to present to us as the AKBA family. the dead have mercy , grateful to our major remaining family , \"he said . Photo AKBA facility is located right next to the field of complementary alternative medicine salt hotel feature stresses that Abraham AKBA , the hotel is open to new customers from the salt therapy despite the advantage of leaving the facility , he said. Abraham AKBA, said:\"Our aim is not only to earn money. Our main goal Çankırı, Kastamonu and the world's most beautiful landscapes in this sector serve as Ilgaz Mountain \"

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