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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 09:16

Tree was divided in two Multipliers Cars

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Kastamonu , divided the family in the car hit a tree on the side of the road , turned right from car returned to scrapping .

Kastamonu news: Photo by information obtained, Stone Bridge came from the district of Kastamonu , let alone to attend the wedding ceremony of a close Akdag (34) 37 LC 841 plate cars directed , after the wedding entertainment district wanted to return to the Stone Bridge . Kastamonu Police Department losing the front of the car on the road with the driver's steering stopped multiplying the trees by the roadside . In the accident, he returned to the car scrapping halved . Parts of the car , let alone drive around saçılırk Seda Akdag Akdag with his wife (30) , children Esmak Akdag (5) , the Akdag (3) and Omar Ridvan with other Taşkıran were injured. The wounded, medical teams called Kastamonu Dr. Was removed to the State Hospital Münif İslamoğlu .
Closed to traffic after the accident the road was opened to traffic again by lifting the vehicle. Littered with the fragments collected and put in attractive car. Cleared of municipal and glass cleaning tool contaminated by washing the path to .
The other hand, a person injured in the accident , was taken in front of the door of a house after the accident with the help of citizens . Half an hour waiting ambulance where he helped the injured person to the citizens. Citizens, the injured party on the blanket pillowcase, keeping your hands from the heat and tried to face. In the meantime, some of the citizens , that the ambulance arrived half an hour late , arguing showed response. Under the treatment of the wounded to the hospital Photo taken and the situation was learned that good. Pert accident since the car's front seat with the engine part was found to split in two.

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