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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 08:53

Sure Plane , Ministers were asked Elvan Chipboard Interchange

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MHP Deputy Emin Kastamonu Cinar, Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Lutfi to be answered about the construction of interchanges in Kastamonu continue chipboard found in Elvan to parliamentary questions .

Kastamonu news: Photo Cinar, said the question being asked:\"in Kastamonu , Ankara and linking the ring road, Istanbul and among the people chipboard junction called the overpass before the March 30 elections , rush allele to be grown with the advent of Mr. Prime Minister, who visited our province completed was opened . is still incomplete underpass despite the opening of the overpass . also available disorder in the input and output in the pop overpasses , car consists danger in transition and cause an accident. that region also made the pedestrian overpass , but the way to the top of the walkway is accessible to the main road overpass has not been input and output paths. this situation leads to accidents resulting in death is a danger both . During the overpass is there any construction error ?, is audited has been performed in accordance with the flyover standards? when will eliminate the shortcomings overpass ? overpass connected underpass when will it be completed ? Pedestrian top What are the reasons for the use of pedestrians using the main road according to the passage ? \"

Sure Plane , Ministers were asked Elvan Chipboard Interchange" comments for.


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