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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:02

( Special Report ) by irrigating the electric Farmland Produce Solar Energy

( Special Report ) by irrigating the electric Farmland Produce Solar Energy
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Kastamonu mechanical engineer, has produced electricity from solar energy and produce electricity as well as irrigating the agricultural land by removing water from the well .

Kastamonu news: Photo Ahmetbey village in Kastamonu Mechanical Engineer Erol Berkel has produced electricity with solar energy . It produces electricity well from the success of removing water Berkel began irrigating farmland with drip system by collecting a water tank is off . When
developing technology Watch for he thought was a new differences floor of solar energy Kastamonu that is doing a study on solar energy systems Mechanical Engineer Erol Berkel , \"I have made several applications in Kastamonu about it. one of these applications Joy Card and Oktay Comb of couples , the irrigation system is a land of 5 acres near Ahmetbey village and the lighting system of the house in the land . I made advantage of this system is solar energy. irrigation systems have solar DC operated solar pumps. solar pump works with direct solar energy. the ejecting water from wells with solar energy during the day. But at night , this system does not work because it is not the sun. system that we have established here , we had targeted a water with 10 tonnes per day average flow . What we practice a lot , especially in the case of flow provided daily sun may go up to 15-20 tons. This means there are two kinds of solar pump solar pump system, which we also pumps. One of these deep well pumps , surface pumps and the other is happening . Surface water pumps to irrigate the edge of a creek we receive , we press on land . In the distance under the different levels of ground water is making the earth . System , especially where there is no electricity this system extremely profitable and it's extremely affordable. After a particularly cost facility here was also extremely gratifying at no cost by the user in their spending. For there is no power in the land so we were implemented this system. Here's a link homes available . The one lighting system this house , one television is located in , the fridge can run household appliances such as a computer, \"he said. Berkel explains that allows the charging of the battery through a Photo Solar panels, \"electrical energy from the battery is charged to process that day the sun ie 12 direct current converted into 220 volt electrical power can run all the electronics working in the volt , \"he said .
resort is very affordable way Berkel explained that they set up,\"the cost of the plant is here try to bring a normal electrical system can provide three times more cheapness. So here because it is both cost and power to bring this system is more attractive and economic status . So the landowner , this system here set up electricity from solar energy, electricity has been irrigated land by removing water from the well . This is normally a small system . It's in larger systems. Great system is carried out with the irrigation of large areas. Daily 500-600 tons can open to use waters in the 80-100 m depth , even in agriculture , remove the earth from the ground , \"he said. Photo Setup the system is not yet in Kastamonu transfer of Mechanical Engineers Berkel, said:\"This is perhaps the Black Sea solar-powered region is an irrigation system used for the first time . In addition, the land can be made in the form of drip irrigation with water. Not hose down the plant in the drip irrigation system , from here creating small holes in certain places, water hose , drip irrigation from these outlets ensures the plant's roots. Here we draw water with solar energy , we collect in a tank. The collected water a day, ensures irrigated by drip to the bottom of the plant at different periods in the land is also home was lit by kerosene lamps or tubes by previously picnic . Apart from that also required more energy was produced electricity generator. See if you look at where the daily consumption of gasoline generators ranging from 40 to 50 pounds. Extracting water irrigation system was also using the same generator with a submersible pump . The daily cost of 50 pounds was being considered achieve a cost of around $ 500 thousand per month . But that with this system we have established electricity produced by solar energy , no cost is edilebiliniy much cheaper electricity and water from payment \"Photo generated electricity wells without water, remove Berkel , was able to achieve a variety of products from each other in agricultural land. Watermelons in the field , melons, beans corn , there are also many basic foods such as fruit trees next to the peppers.

( Special Report ) by irrigating the electric Farmland Produce Solar Energy" comments for.


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