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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:07

Sparks from the stove , Ash had a house

Sparks from the stove , Ash had a house
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A person who is mentally place in Kastamonu , at the time he wanted to burn the stove caught fire .

Kastamonu news: In the short growing period in the fire , a house has become unavailable . Photo by information obtained, Daday township Sarpu the village of single-story concrete house belonging to Ahmed Flag fire. It is estimated that out of the stove fire grew quickly due to the effect of the wind. Daday Municipality teams to the scene after giving notice to the Fire Department has intervened in a fire. Fire can be controlled at the end of a long struggle , was put out before it spread to the home environment . In a fire, one-story house has become available. Daday Governor during Victory with the Right Photo Fire District Police Commander, J. Daday Bçvş Kd . Mustafa Gokcen , found the study came to the scene. My Governor informed about the fire from Team Victory Right, said before the winter homeless families to be any kind of help is made.
On the other hand , fire , non compos mentis Abdullah Flag which appear at the time he wanted to burn the stove for cold said. The flag was going to sink after burning stove and stove noted that in the meantime received burst into flames .

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