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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:06

KGC Asks Support to Local Newspapers

KGC Asks Support to Local Newspapers
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Kastamonu Journalists Association , has called for support to the local press .

Kastamonu news: Photo Kastamonu Journalists Association Chairman Erkan Yilmaz , Kastamonu centers and mayors in the district , commerce and industry , trades unions, civil society organizations and citizens , were found in the call to support the local press that makes broadcasting in difficult conditions.
President Yilmaz, \"local media water you are in . breathe out through your voice , \"he said . Photo Kastamonu impartial, honorable publishing works and the local press , which employs many media laborer , newspapers and radio through the economic challenges and difficult conditions in Yılmaz stated that served to people's right to information more to read in the local press , stating that sensitivity must be formed to increase the ad-ad revenue , has called on the authorities and citizens. Yilmaz, said:\"Knowledge and the speed of the technology is no longer news produced locally also finds an echo in short time in our country and countries around the world . Managers of public institutions with the problems of citizens , mayors, political party leaders, trade , industry chambers and all the work of the guilds in is announced to the public through the local press. Urban sound to the public of the country and the local press announcing to the world , despite the high cost , economic independence and more readers to gain employment , you need to posting and advertising support. All our citizens , public agencies, local governments, non-governmental organizations and the business world ,'voice you exhale the'call. Our citizens , the sound of the city buying the local newspaper every day should support the local press. institutions , organizations and the business world is also important to support the local media ads-advertising revenues. local media locally , the people is the voice of the city. All citizens should come with audio \"

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