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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:33

Cracks formed Complex Threatens Rock Parts

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Kastamonu Sheikh Shaban-ı Veli Complex of cracks on the back of large boulders , threatens complex.

Kastamonu news: Photo of Anatolia known as one of the four caliphs Sheikh Shaban-i Veli Veli Complex where also the tomb of Shaykh Shabani a threat of large boulders located in the rear part . Due to cracks in the rocks eroded over time was observed to break off some rocks . Boulders on the full kulliye also threatens the congregation in prayer and visiting the mosque complex . In case of breaking the possibility of a boulder the formation of major damage in the complex feared.
On the other hand , upon notification to the authorities of the cracks in the rocks on the complex of buildings where there is no operation for about two years was learned . Finally visiting Governor complex Sehmus Morning, cracks formed in the rocks on the complex were shown during the visit by the mosque community . Thereupon the governor Morning, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate teams , by reporting the situation to the team moved . Investigation teams who came to break off pieces of rock Complex , preparing minutes left the complex. Geology also the engineer review expected in the complex , is expected to be as soon as possible measures to rock. Photo Complex visiting citizens and the mosque community , issues that previously Kastamonu Foundations reported to the Regional Office but said he ever done any action. The governor pointed out that the mosque Günaydin boulders on the community informed about the study started , also in the Kastamonu Castle before they said that it experienced a similar event and break off large parts of the residential area close to the falls .

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